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laurocerasus Zsófi (Filigrow Sofia®) PBR EU53851

  • III/IV
  • -25˚C
  • 150cm
  • 100cm
  • Inedible
‘Sofia’ PBR is a brand new type Prunus laurocerasus and she might be the biggest surprise you have ever seen in your garden.
Surprise 1: ‘Sofia’ PBR does not have the looks of a common laurocerasus type. No, in fact, she is much more pretty! And she knows!
Surprise 2: ‘Sofia’ PBR is easy going. She won’t complain at all. Do you want her to be solitair? No problem. Do you want her to be a hedge with other Sofia’s? Also fine.
Surprise 3: ‘Sofia’ PBR is heat resistant up to at least 38 degrees Celsius. She likes the touch of the sun; it makes her shine even brighter.
Surprise 4: ‘Sofia’ PBR is also cold resistant up to -25 degrees Celsius. The frost on her leaves makes her thinks she’s got diamonds on her!

I’ll may be a hedge
I’ll may be a solitair
I’ll be what you
want me to be
But please, call me



Nemeth Gabor

Bertalanffy u. 35

9770 Szombathely



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